our london crew!

our gorgeous buddies <3 


Enchanted outfits highlights
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Pictures : Marie Tuonetar

Thank you dear Marie for the pictures <3 

today :D


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fabulous <3

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w/ the awesome redtonic <3 (at The Gibson Hall)

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a casual day for sushi :D

outfit rundown

  • Dress: Juliette et Justine (la robe de anges et bijoux) 
  • Head Accessory, Bag: Innocent World
  • Shoes: Mary Rose

a photo trip with my lovely ladies :) 


photo by D.M. and Try-kun 


Flowing down to Camelot…

We haven’t been to this kind of cosplay event for quite sometimes, have we? It was fun.

arthael in Labyrinth… something -“- (hey, the name is too long even a lolibrarian can’t remember it! But you know, that Lady of Shalott dress.) from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright


We took these photos in front of a Chinese restaurant. The owner was kind enough to invite us to take the photos, and even closed the front door to give us a background :) 

Outfit Rundown

  • JSK, Bag : Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 
  • OTKs : Jane Marple
  • Blouse : Wondertropolis
  • Accessories : Angelic Pretty


arthael in AatP Tea Time Nostalgia + 3-f hat

Just realised I haven’t even install the tumblr app in this phone. So yeah, testing.


Day Dream Carnival twinning with Tabebuia rosea :) 


Photo by D.M. and Try-kun 

white choco marini sailor, or an outfit for tea and dinner with my friends :)  

melty royal rosette polkadot chess choco lapin ε-(´∀`; )

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