At J-Fest last month. My first time wearing an eye-patch ;D

(Photo by Zenri and Try)

IW’s Cutlery :) 

I wore Melt Choco Lapin sometime ago to hang out with lolita friends at an event :)

Strawberry Label last Sunday~

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress: Jane Marple
  • Hat: Meta
  • Tights: Innocent World
  • Shoes: Btssb


(Photo by Try-kun)

Another round of chocolate buffet with a friend who previously had missed it. I was quite sick but still wanted to dress up, had a few weird coords running through my head, chose Royal Chocolate with an unrelenting force to pick a green blouse (Not brown? Why? And why not green? I have no other items of that green shade to match. But why not?…) And so what’s done cannot be undone. At least, I had fun that day :D

One afternoon tea with friends <3

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress: Btssb (Searching for Baroque)
  •  Shoes, necklace, ring: AatP
  • Hat: Triple Fortune
  • Tights: Grimoire

Interlude II

(Photo by Perception Crisis Photography)

casual outfit just to hangout~ 

Queen of Hearts coordinate for comic con :)

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress, blouse, OTKs: AatP
  • Necklace: Moitie
  • Bag: VW
  • Head piece: handmade by reafre


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Little Tree

(Photo by D.M.)


wearing JetJ’s Baiser de l’ange for my birthday dinner :)

an interlude

(photo by D.M.)