Dressed up for lunch and tea with my friends last Saturday :) 

Photo by D.M.

Christmas is coming~ 

(Photo by D.M.) 


JSK, shoes: BtSSB // Tights: JetJ 

Classical Bouquet for lunch and a BJD meetup with my friends :D

Happy Halloween :D

In which I met a few friends for doujinshis and pancakes :)


JSK: AatP // Necklace: MmM // Tights: Grimoire // Shoes: VW x Melissa 

Back in June, for my birthday dinner :)


Earlier this year (Jan, I think.) A catch-up lunch-tea-dinner (a.k.a the usual weekend gastronomy shenanigan) with a friend.

arthael in Angelic Pretty’s Little Bear’s Cafe salopette, Wondertropolis’s blouse, and other tidbits from here and there.

Mozarabic Chant :) 


Some of my favorite shots from the Suspended Elegance shoot with LAphotonet. Check out the rest and new shoots with lovely lolitas from SoCal!

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Twinning with Ofu (red library) in Innocent World’s Royal Library :) 


Photo by D.M.


classic x sweet perfection! photo by DarthMyrrh Noblechaos.


Wearing Claudia for an Afternoon Tea meetup, paired with D.M. in Rolando jacket XD I tried to make it different from the first time I wore it :)


photo by reafre


Songkran is here! Happy Thai New Year!

Grabbing a quick bite in town before (almost) everything shut down for the Water Festival. We definitely need to be cooled down from the 40˚C weather. XD

arthael in Angelic Pretty’s Day Dream Carnival Ivory Salopette

so here’s the ‘hungry’ coord :P

Outfit to a BJD event last Saturday. Lady Lilith is one of those dresses that I’ve been keeping in my closet and meaning to wear it but never got around to do it XD;;


Photo by D.M.


arthael in Alice and the Pirates’ “Alice’s Never Voyage” JSK

I bugged her excessively to wear this dress again since it was one of the first lolita prints that she got (= one of the first ‘lolita pictures’ that I took)

The first day we drove to the sea, but by the time we got there the sun’s already setting. There’s not enough light and I didn’t bring any lighting equipment. So… Picture: None. Sea Food: Fuck yeah, A LOT. Cholesterol level: Massive. -“-

So glad we spotted this location on the next attempt! And very close to home too! XD