the theme of today is wear all the frills and accessories in the house. #enchantedevent #enchanted #eglcommunity #lolita #lolitafashion



our london crew!

our gorgeous buddies <3 


Enchanted outfits highlights
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Pictures : Marie Tuonetar

Thank you dear Marie for the pictures <3 


today :D


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fabulous <3

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w/ the awesome redtonic <3 (at The Gibson Hall)

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the gorgeousness of lady Marlessa <3 (at The Gibson Hall)

a casual day for sushi :D

outfit rundown

  • Dress: Juliette et Justine (la robe de anges et bijoux) 
  • Head Accessory, Bag: Innocent World
  • Shoes: Mary Rose
Anonymous asked: Hello :) Do you mind if I ask you where the shoes in the last picture of the Day Dream Carnival shoot come from? I think I literally fell in love with those shoes. And I'm sorry if my english is not really good. PS: You are so pretty :3

Hello! Thanks for the message. The shoes were from Ozz On shop, from their sub-line Ozz ONESTE :)   

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a photo trip with my lovely ladies :) 


photo by D.M. and Try-kun