I wore Melt Choco Lapin sometime ago to hang out with lolita friends at an event :)


fuck off fëanor no one cares

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Anonymous asked: 'Arthael' is your real name? (:

Nope ;)

Anonymous asked: But, when you are in a concert, do or the heat people ruin your dresses? I want to go to one wearing Lolita but I'm still not sure! ^^

I guess I could say that it totally depends on you, the crowd and which concert you’re going. If there’s a chance that you could faint in there, then don’t bother with lolita. Sometimes I would choose a more toned down coord for convenience as well. I’ve worn lolita to several concerts (eg: Versailles, Luna Sea, X-Japan) and it was all fine. But if it’s a smaller gig or if I want to really be in the crowd, the non-lolita clothing is definitely more comfortable.   



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Leo Tolstoy on Better Book Titles

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever gone to a concert dressed Lolita? how was it? (:

Often, yes. It was fun, actually XD 

consistentlyfeigninginterest asked: What do you wear when not wearing full lolita coordinates? I'm interested what your style is like on a regular day to day basis. Thanks! P.s. You are so lovely and your Coordinates are amazing!

I mostly wear casual, toned down and otome style (Emily Temple Cute, Jane Marple stuff) when not in lolita, but it depends on the occasion and my mood. I also wear t-shirts, maxi dresses, etc. I don’t wear jeans, though ^^” 

Strawberry Label last Sunday~

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress: Jane Marple
  • Hat: Meta
  • Tights: Innocent World
  • Shoes: Btssb


CLAMP — Tokyo Babylon

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Anonymous asked: You have an adorable smile and you are absolutely gorgeous :3 You're also very sweet and I just adore your style. I'm glad I started following you n.n

You’re so kind, anon-san <3

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Anonymous asked: do you wear Lolita every day?

I wear lolita with a full coord about 1-2 a week, mostly on the weekends. But on weekdays I may choose to wear a lolita/otome brand dresses if I feel like they can be worn casually :)

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(Photo by Try-kun)



Tell me a bedtime story


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Another round of chocolate buffet with a friend who previously had missed it. I was quite sick but still wanted to dress up, had a few weird coords running through my head, chose Royal Chocolate with an unrelenting force to pick a green blouse (Not brown? Why? And why not green? I have no other items of that green shade to match. But why not?…) And so what’s done cannot be undone. At least, I had fun that day :D