Strawberry Label last Sunday~

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress: Jane Marple
  • Hat: Meta
  • Tights: Innocent World
  • Shoes: Btssb


CLAMP — Tokyo Babylon

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Anonymous asked: You have an adorable smile and you are absolutely gorgeous :3 You're also very sweet and I just adore your style. I'm glad I started following you n.n

You’re so kind, anon-san <3

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Anonymous asked: do you wear Lolita every day?

I wear lolita with a full coord about 1-2 a week, mostly on the weekends. But on weekdays I may choose to wear a lolita/otome brand dresses if I feel like they can be worn casually :)

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(Photo by Try-kun)



Tell me a bedtime story


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Another round of chocolate buffet with a friend who previously had missed it. I was quite sick but still wanted to dress up, had a few weird coords running through my head, chose Royal Chocolate with an unrelenting force to pick a green blouse (Not brown? Why? And why not green? I have no other items of that green shade to match. But why not?…) And so what’s done cannot be undone. At least, I had fun that day :D

One afternoon tea with friends <3

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress: Btssb (Searching for Baroque)
  •  Shoes, necklace, ring: AatP
  • Hat: Triple Fortune
  • Tights: Grimoire
Anonymous asked: Hello :) I have a question, are you wearing a wig in your outfit post with the green IW op? If so, where did you buy it? If not, congrats on your hair, it's just as gorgeous as your coords!

It’s this wig The waves aren’t as nice as pictured, but the quality is nice compared to the price. You also have to trim the bang a little :)

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Anonymous asked: do you like read? Who is your favorite writer? :)

I love reading. Some of my favourite writers are Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Audrey Niffenegger, and Carlos Ruiz Zafon :)  

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sdjhfsdalhaslghasdjh-deactivate asked: You are really pretty.

You’re kind :) Thank you.

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Interlude II

(Photo by Perception Crisis Photography)

Anonymous asked: where can i find a classical pouppets' petticoat? :)

It’s a taobao shop, so you’re going to need a service agent. There are some ready stock shops (eg: clobbaonline) that you can also place your order :)

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The Japan Lolita Association was created by Misako Aoki, a popular lolita model who was appointed as Japan’s official ‘Kawaii Ambassador’ in 2009 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The JLA’s head office is in Fukuoka Prefecture at the Omura Beauty College.

As Kawaii Ambassadors, our mission is to spread love and knowledge of Lolita Fashion all across the globe! On this blog, we will share photos of our coordinates, photo posts of events we’ve attended and hosted, information about upcoming events in our countries, and submissions from you guys about events that have taken place (and are to come) in your local communities! 

Please check out our facebook page, too.

The Kawaii Ambassadors are:

♡ Misako Aoki
Chairperson of the Japan Lolita Association
blog / twitter

♡ Daniela Michel
Ambassador of Mexico
blog / tumblr

♡ Stephanie Medeiros ✧ Cadney
Ambassador of Canada
tumblr / twitter

♡ Nadine Olivier  CupcakeAndTea
Ambassador of Canada
tumblr / instagram / twitter / youtube

♡ Kiga Tymianski ✧ LaLibertalia
Ambassador of Canada

♡ Arthael Walkingshadow
Ambassador of Thailand
tumblr / instagram

♡ Mila de Blois
Ambassador of France
tumblr / blog / instagram

♡ Yumi E.G.
Ambassador of France

♡ Pom Pommandarine
Ambassador of France
tumblr / blog

♡ Paula Moraga Azema
Ambassador of Chile
facebook / tumblr

♡ Daiana Abal  YueMoon
Ambassador of Argentina
blog / twitter / tumblr

♡ A. S. きつね
Ambassador of Taiwan

♡ Akemi Matsuda
Ambassador of Brazil

♡ Ruby Masako
Ambassador of Hong Kong

♡ Nanami Saito
Ambassador of Japan

♡ Emitsu Hiyoshi
Ambassador of Japan

♡ Akane Hashimoss
Ambassador of Japan


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