Anonymous asked: do you have a picture of you with your real hair? (:

I don’t take photos with my real hair that often and it’s been so long since I visited a hair salon lol But here it is: image

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Anonymous asked: Hi! What is your favorite dress?^^ You are gorgeous<3333

Thank you! I’ve too many favourite prints/dresses. British Library, Masquerade Theater, Gathers Chiffon, Claudia ~the fairy tale princess~, Die Sterntaler, etc :D   

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Queen of Hearts coordinate for comic con :)

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress, blouse, OTKs: AatP
  • Necklace: Moitie
  • Bag: VW
  • Head piece: handmade by reafre


"I never drink wine"

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Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957

Six pieces (silver-gilt) comprising of two forks, two knives and two enameled spoons.

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Big dogs who think they are lap dogs.


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Little Tree

(Photo by D.M.)

Anonymous asked: Sorry if the question "How many dresses you have" annoyed you. I just asked it because I don´t really know much about Lolita fashion and when I found your blog I was like "Wooooahh! She has a lot of great outfits!" I was really impressed about your wardrobe so I asked it to you. Again sorry!

Dear anon, thank you for liking my outfits and I’m sorry for my previous response. I didn’t answer it as well as I should like. Sometimes, when there’s a wardrobe question, what follows is the ‘how you afford it’ question, and even when I’ve already given an honest answer (saving up/buying from my own money/having a job), it isn’t always enough for some people. Eventually, I think it’d be best to avoid a direct answer when being asked how many dresses I have.

Besides, I don’t believe having more dresses means better coords. Having more accessories, on the other hand, helps a lot! And those little details you add on your outfits can be various and don’t necessarily have to be from brands.

(But honestly, it’s not really a mystery :) I just have to know who you are first.)

Btw, tumblr messed up my post - -” sorry if you saw the weird version before I fixed it.


taichi-no-yume asked: I love your outfits, please continue with the beauty of lolita fashion. Lovely, from Panama :)

You made my day :3 thank you so much for your kind words.

minorsportsbancho asked: Where do you get your shoes? You always have amazing shoes! I absolutely love your style!

Thank you for your message. Most of my shoes are either from local high-street brands or lolita-brands :) 

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Anonymous asked: how many dresses do you have? O:

Does it really matter? You can help me count ;) 

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Anonymous asked: The hair that you wear with JetJ’s Baiser de l’ange looked so good. How do you style it? :3

I just put all the curls together, placed it on top and then secured it with the bobby pins. It’s actually very simple :) I recommend using curly wigs since they have volumes so you can style up-dos easier than straight wigs.  

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